24 Tree Of Life Tattoo Ideas To Symbolize The Cycle Of Life


The tree of life tattoo has been a popular choice among people. From those who are looking for their first tattoo to the real tattoo enthusiast, this symbol of growth, connection, and balance has been a favorite pick.

Different cultures have different opinions on what the tree of life actually represents. To some, it’s a symbol of interconnection and it shows how everything in the world is connected, one way or the other.

Some see it as a symbol of life and rebirth. The tree grows, it sheds its leaves, and eventually wilts down but the beauty of it lies in the fact that something else will grow at that same spot. In the same way, we as people grow and change and sometimes, a part of us dies to make room for an improved version.

The tree of life can also be seen as a symbol of strength and resilience. Its roots run deep into the ground, making it resistant to the outside happenings and changes.

No matter which of these meanings you prefer, one thing’s for sure – you can’t go wrong with this design. With its powerful symbolism, you’ll be proud to wear this tattoo on your skin for the rest of your life.

But the real question is, which design to opt for and that’s where we come to help.

Tree of life on the arm

Credit: sashatattooist

If you wish to get a tattoo on your arm, be sure that you’ll stumble upon a ton of different options to choose from. An easy choice is this fine-line design that’s perfect for all of you who don’t like complicated tattoos.

Credit: lilyl_blankleaving

This is another smaller option but what sets it apart from the previous design is its style. This version is more appropriate for all of you who love realistic tattoos.

Credit: beattytattoo

If you love geometrical elements and would prefer to include some in your tree of life tattoo, this is how you can do it. The overall design still stays fairly simple so you’ll be good to go if you prefer straightforward designs.

Credit: tattoosbyanthonyguido

For all the fans of minimalistic tattoos, a cool idea is to get an outline of the tree of life. You can also color some of the leaves or just keep everything as plain as possible with no added touch-ups.

Credit: oldriverdavid

The same as the tree of life, yin and yang also represent stability and harmony. So, it’s definitely a good idea to introduce these two elements together into one design.

Credit: tattooist_fini

Circular shapes, intricate details, and added organic elements are some of the reasons why this tattoo is different from the rest. We think it’s perfectly delicate and feminine, so if that’s your preferred style then go for it.

Credit: joho.steve

This abstract tree of life could be a great choice for people who love their tattoos to be different and unique. You can easily turn your skin into canvas with this design.

Credit: vlc3tattoo

A mother is also a tree of life. She carries a baby in her belly, gives life to it, and nourishes it until the day she dies. This design is a perfect choice for all of the mothers out there who want to create a lasting memory of their child.

Credit: alvinscene

This is a great way to introduce some color into your design. We love the shades of green and how perfectly they blend together.

Credit: kyleshritattoo

If you want to make your tattoo bigger and bolder, you can always surround the tree with a mandala design such as this one. It will add to the complexity of the whole piece.

Tree of life on the leg

Credit: tattooladyyy

Your leg is also a great spot for a tattoo, and to start things off, we have a colorful and detailed design that will definitely stand out. Just look at it!

Credit: louccia

If you’re into bigger, realistic tattoos then you’ll love this one. Even though it’s black and gray, you can clearly see all the details that make the design feel alive.

Credit: champion.tattoo_4131

This tree of life has some additional elements such as the Celtic knot and moon phases. It’s definitely an interesting choice that people will ask you questions about.

Credit: bluehearttattoo

Geometrical tattoos play with the shapes, straight and broken lines and this design shows that perfectly. We love how unique the tree of life looks when combined with these additional elements.

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Tree of life on the back

Credit: stefanosink

Your back is a great spot for this kind of tattoo since it provides plenty of space. The picture above shows just how much room you have to play with ideas and get a tattoo that makes you happy.

Credit: wenzu_tattoo

This design is a bit bigger and includes some of the ornamental elements. However, if they don’t seem enough, then check the next tattoo out.

Credit: bibi.lea.tattoo

When you’re obsessed with ornamental elements and are looking for an intricate tattoo, this is the way to go. All the little details add to the character and make this design stand out.

Credit: krumystery

This is a bit more abstract version of a tree of life and it’s a great choice for all of you artistic souls who like to have fun with your tattoos.

Credit: lynx_tattoos

This design looks like a real painting on your skin. We love the colors and all the shading and highlights that make this tattoo stand out.

Tree of life on the chest

Credit: michaelryan_tattoo

The chest is another spot appropriate for this kind of tattoo. This design includes Celtic knots and makes them the main star of the show.

Credit: melsinkidentity

This tree of life starts as a DNA strand and then turns into a tree. We love the idea behind it since it deepens the meaning of the whole tattoo.

Credit: iamvalko

When you want to add to the complexity of the tattoo, you can always include some additional elements. The whole piece becomes ten times more interesting with these meaningful details.

Credit: ig_torious

This is a simplified tree of life, perfect for the middle of your chest. Even though it’s a bit smaller than some of the other options, it’s still highly detailed and neat which is always a great thing.

Credit: spikeundertheskin

If you’re looking for a bolder design, then this is the way to go. We love the deep roots, the abstract stroke of ink, the added greenery, and the imagery of the sky. Honestly, every little detail is perfectly planned.