Lavender Tattoo Meaning And 26 Mesmerizing Ideas To Bloom Your Inspiration


A lavender tattoo has such a deep meaning that will forever be a gorgeous reminder on your skin. Besides the fact that lavender looks so dainty and feminine, it has always represented such spiritual power.

Lavender represents purity, serenity, and devotion in the language of flowers. However, a lavender tattoo also stands for femininity and grace. It’s such an elegant representation of your gentle nature, which you should always celebrate.

So, if you want a tattoo that represents the same meaning, or if you’re just in love with this flower, then you’re at the right place. There are so many gorgeous examples for you to choose from and bloom the inspiration for your next tattoo appointment.

Full-color lavender tattoo

Source: @drordahl

There isn’t much color to be added to your lavender tattoo. However, there’s still a lot you can do with your design. For example, this tattoo only has some color in the flowers and in the leaves, but that’s more than enough.

Source: @macqueentattoos

This lavender tattoo is so specific and its meaning is obvious in the way it shows off the feminine energy. The blooming flowers are in numerous shades of purple, while the stems are green, and the shading is so minimal, yet it adds a lot of dimension to the whole design.

Source: @theaduskin

This is a more realistic design choice. The stems are quite thin, and the leaves are also non-existent. That leaves way to the flowers, and they are the stars of the show. There are no outlines in the actual flowers, which only makes them look even more realistic.

Source: @milky_tattoodles

This style is called “watercolor” because the colors look like they’ve been splashed, and they aren’t as saturated as they would be with other tattoo styles. This lavender tattoo is surrounded by splashes of shades of green, purple, and pink.


However, here we have quite a simple design. There are no black outlines here, and there’s also no dark shading. All of the shading and outlining has been done with green and purple ink, which is the main reason why it looks so realistic.

Source: @ellenmellon.tattoos

This design may not be what you’re looking for, but it could definitely be something to inspire you. This girl looks a lot like the traditional face of a pin-up doll. However, the specks of red are an interesting contrast to the purple and green that are in the flowers.

Source: @marea_ortiz

If you’re someone who loves geometrical shapes, but you have no idea how to add them to your lavender tattoo, then this will be the perfect thing for you. The purple is perfectly saturated, and that’s what gives it such an artistic vibe.

Small full-color lavender tattoo ideas

Source: @rhe.anna

If you’re not into huge tattoos, then maybe you’d like something much smaller. The meaning of a lavender tattoo doesn’t depend on the size of the design. This tattoo is so small, yet it’s such a wonderful ode to the femininity you’re trying to exude.

Source: @vane.tattoo_

This is another small, yet fully colored, lavender tattoo. There are some white flowers in this design, and they make the rest look like it’s actually sparkling. The details are magnificent!

Source: @martahoys

Maybe you don’t even want something bulky, but rather something that’s extremely dainty. For example, this lavender tattoo is one of those things that will forever remind you of elegance and grace. The tiny flowers are perfectly saturated, yet the stems are so slick and clean, that they balance each other out.

Source: @eunyutattoo

You can even add a meaning to the amount of lavender stems that you have. For example, if you want 5 of them, it could represent your family members. Either way, this tattoo is magnificent. The bow at the bottom is blue so that we’re able to differentiate it from the rest of the flowers.

Source: @huuzole_ink

Most importantly, you don’t have to overanalyze your tattoo to add the aforementioned meaning to it. This is a simple lavender tattoo, and you can even see the small flower petals flowing in the wind.

Source: @hktattoo_tina

This tiny lavender tattoo has some amazing details. I mean, just look at those dotted shadows that were added to the mix!

Source: @tropikalcoconut

This lavender tattoo is a gorgeous blend of colors! However, here the stems are a bit thicker to elevate the green in the whole design. As you can see, there are also specks of white ink incorporated, to make it look like light is hitting the flowers perfectly.

Source: @tattoo.haneul

Here you can see another example of a lavender tattoo that’s being held together with a tiny bow. This time the bow is pink and you can almost feel that it would be silky if it was real, because of the way it’s reflecting the light.

Black and gray lavender tattoo


If colors aren’t your thing, then maybe you’d be happy with a black and gray tattoo. These tattoos are popular for a reason! I mean, this tattoo has some minimal shading that represents everything it has to create that certain depth.

Source: @ata.tattooer

This is a much darker tattoo. The black ink is much more prevalent in this design, and the leaves on the stems look like they’re fading out into the skin. However, there are still some white highlights incorporated.

Source: @nicolenurbernarditattoo

This tiny lavender tattoo has so much meaning! I mean, it definitely is a representation of beauty, grace, and femininity. The stem is much darker, so that the leaf and the flowers can come into focus.

Source: @leoniemoistattoo

This is a combination of a lavender flower and an iris. The little circles that are incorporated into this design are a wonderful little addition to the whole thing. The line-work is dainty and clean, which only adds to the femininity of the design.

Source: @lucyvalentinatattoo

This isn’t particularly a black and gray tattoo, but it’s still quite simple. I mean, it’s only done using line-work. But the simplicity of it is what adds to the intrigue.

Source: @jadeshaw_tattoos

The meaning of a lavender tattoo is so obvious in this example. The line-work is so dainty, yet the ink is perfectly saturated. Also, that’s an amazing placement!

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Source: @nathan.tersteeg

If you want something more unique, then how about your lavender flowers in a little bottle? This is a very modern tattoo, this art style in particular is quite popular right now. So, the small lines along the bottle create a certain depth and shadow, but there’s no actual shading going on.

Lavender tattoo with insects


Adding insects to your lavender tattoo also adds additional meaning to the whole design. For example, if you choose to add a bee to your gorgeous tattoo, it’ll be a symbol of community and cooperation. Also, the fact that this lavender tattoo is done in color, but the bee is black and gray, is gorgeous!

Source: @george_vincent_tattoo

A ladybug has always been a symbol of luck and protection. So, why not consider adding it to your tattoo? I mean, this lavender tattoo has meaning in itself, but adding that little ladybug would also add a lot of meaning and color to the whole mix.

Source: @coreygracetattoo

Here we have another lavender tattoo with a little bee. As you can see, there are no outlines in this tattoo, everything is done in color. There are some specks of white ink that represent the way light would hit the flowers in nature.

Source: @mayforcolor

You probably know the meaning of a butterfly tattoo, but in case you don’t, it represents the circle of life and the rebirth of a soul. Can you imagine adding your little butterflies to your already gorgeous lavender tattoo? This tattoo looks like something straight out of a fairy tail.