23 Coolest Cactus Tattoos Your Life Would “Succ” Without


Considering the rising popularity of these desert-dwellers, you might be thinking of getting a cacti-inspired ink somewhere on your body. Because of their prickly cloak and their uninviting appearance, cactus tattoos might not be everyone’s cup of tea – but that’s about to change.

What’s the tea on cactus tattoos? Well, there’s no denying that these prickly plants are about as trendy as flora and fauna can possibly get. Whether you’re thinking of getting tatted for the first time ever or adding to the existing collection of cute-as-a-button succulents, you can’t go wrong with a cactus.

Cacti, whether they’re tatted on your body or left out on your porch, typically represent endurance, protection, warmth, and care. Contrary to what you might think, cacti are a popular tattoo motif because they’re excellent symbols of the notion that “not everything is as it seems.”

With that out of the way, we urge you to check out some of our favorite cacti tattoos on Instagram below.

1. A minimalist cactus tattoo

Credit: @sillysamii808

The idea behind the minimalist approach to getting inked is “less is more,” and we couldn’t agree more. That being said, minimalist tattoos break the design down to basics and that’s something to consider when deciding on the right style for you and your tattoo.

2. A micro-realistic desert landscape tattoo

Credit: @law_ink

A micro-realistic tattoo might be a one-way ticket to one of the most mysterious, mind-boggling tattoo styles out there. As the name suggests, a micro-realistic tattoo is all about realism packed into a tiny, detailed design that makes as much of a statement as a bigger one.

3. A bright, blooming prickly pear cactus tattoo

Credit: @lucy__yin

If you’re more of a colorful tattoo enthusiast, your fancy might not be tickled by everyday black and gray tattoos. In that case, you might want to work with your tattoo artist and come up with a bright, blooming cactus tattoo filled with all your favorite colors.

4. A single-needle cactus tattoo

Credit: @jackpoohvis

If you want to channel your inner Hailey Bieber with a minimalistic tattoo style, opt for a single-needle tattoo of a cactus. A single-needle tattoo is a variation of a fine-line tattoo and it’s a style that requires, you guessed it, a single needle. It is, essentially, the finest of fine-line tattooing. 

5. A neotraditional cactus tattoo

Credit: @irinabellerose.tattoo

If you prefer bigger, bolder tattoo styles that scream “I don’t care what anyone thinks of my body ink!” it’s about time you explored the wondrous world of neotraditional tattoos. Neotraditional tattoos might not be on-trend at the moment, but they’re still prevalent among experienced body art enthusiasts.

6. A black and gray cactus tattoo

Credit: @thebellrosetattoo

Vibrant colors make your delicate, dainty heart explode? Opt for a classic black and gray cactus tattoo and work with your tattoo artist to create something special and satisfying.

7. A desert-themed sticker sleeve

Credit: @jamiegenetattoos

Have you ever heard of sticker sleeves? Sticker sleeves are becoming more and more popular because they’re easier to do than “regular” sleeves. A desert-themed sticker sleeve might be a great way for you to commemorate your love of all things cacti.

8. A desert landscape tattoo

Credit: @jennietiesman

What about a desert landscape tattoo? When you decide to get a cactus tattoo, don’t shy away from experimenting with elements, styles, and symbols that can take your tattoo to the next level. Why get a small and simple cactus tattoo when you can get an entire desert landscape filled with cacti?

9. A cactus tattoo with a snake

Credit: @lux.tattoos

We can say the same thing about one of our favorite cactus tattoos thus far – a cactus tattoo with a snake. Adding elements that can amplify or completely change the meaning of your tattoo can make your tattoo go from “drab to fab.”

10. A fine-line cactus tattoo

Credit: @stfualondra

We already mentioned fine-line tattoos, but we didn’t necessarily define them. What’s a fine-line cactus tattoo? A fine-line tattoo refers to a tattoo style that uses small needles (often a single needle) to create a thin, delicate, and intricate tattoo design. A fine-line tattoo is perfect for modern minimalists of the world!

11. A delicate, dainty cactus tattoo

Credit: @amandajotattoo

A delicate, dainty cactus tattoo can be done in a myriad of styles. Whether you opt for a fine-line tattoo, a linework tattoo, or even a micro-realistic tattoo, you’re guaranteed to attract attention everywhere you go.

12. A cactus ankle tattoo

Credit: @rachainsworth

We can’t forget about a cactus ankle tattoo, right? Ankle tattoos are perfect for first-timers because they’re easy to conceal and reveal, depending on your personal preferences. If you’re unsure of whether you’re ready to show your tattoo to the rest of the world – get an ankle tattoo.

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13. A matching cactus tattoo

Credit: @dallastattooclifton

What about matching cactus tattoos? Cactus tattoos oftentimes represent the notion that you have a lot of love to share with others and that you don’t hold back on your excitement for other people, and that’s why they’re the perfect tattoo motif for matching tattoos.

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14. A cactus tattoo with a smiley face

Credit: @grayscale.tattoo

A smiley face tattoo can go a long way, but you might want to enrich your sticker sleeve with a cactus tattoo that smiles back at you every time you look at it. After all, your tattoos are there to make you happy, and what better way to make yourself happy than with a smiley face cactus tattoo?

15. A silly cactus tattoo

Credit: @breelintattoo

We can say the same thing about a silly cactus tattoo!

Why would you want to take yourself too seriously when you’re the happiest when you’re goofing around with your friends? Whether you’re getting matching tattoos with them or playing a prank on them, opt for a silly cactus tattoo and see what happens.

16. A cactus wrist tattoo

Credit: @tach.art

A little cactus on the wrist never hurt nobody, right? Wrist tattoos are great because they’re highly visible (and highly addicting)! With a wrist tattoo of a cactus, you’re guaranteed to get a question or two from your friends, family members, and co-workers – but that’s OK.

17. A linework cactus tattoo

Credit: @jadeinkstains.geeink

Linework tattoos are gaining traction because they’re small and simple, and they’re perfect for people who don’t want to commit to a bigger work of art. With a linework tattoo of a cactus, you can count on keeping all your prickly feelings at bay.

18. A colored cactus tattoo

Credit: @dimblvck

Blackwork tattoos are great, but a little color goes a long way. If you’re a fan of the way your black and gray tattoos look, you might not want to break the pattern with a neotraditional, bright, and vibrant tattoo. Add a splash of color to your black and gray tattoo, though, and you’re good to go.

19. A realistic cactus tattoo

Credit: @alissajungink

A realistic tattoo might not be on top of your “must-do tattoos” list, but there’s a reason why realistic tattoos are having a comeback right now. A realistic tattoo is a piece of artwork that looks so realistic you almost believe it’s a photo, and that’s why it’s a great way for you to commemorate your love for cacti.

20. A tiny cactus tattoo

Credit: @artlien.tattoo

If you’re not willing to commit to a bigger, bolder tattoo, you might be interested in a tiny tattoo of a cactus that looks like a little cartoon. It’s clear that tattoos are getting smaller and smaller with time, and that’s something to consider when you decide to take the plunge and get a tattoo.

21. A hand-poked cactus tattoo

Credit: @pin_and_pencil

What about a hand-poked tattoo of a cactus? Hand-poked tattoos are tattoos made without the use of tattoo machines and that’s why they’re more organic, natural, and neat. Hand-poked tattoos are less abrasive on the skin than machine tattoos, and often hurt less in comparison, too.

22. A sketch tattoo of a cactus

Credit: @rustu

When choosing the right style for your cactus tattoo, don’t forget about sketch tattoos. Sketch tattoos are characterized by broken lines, visible brush strokes, ink splatters, and unfinished edges to bring texture, movement, and energy to their designs.

23. A desert landscape tattoo on the ankle

Credit: @pin_and_pencil

We’re ending the article with another desert landscape tattoo! When you want your cactus tattoo to appear more polished and put together, create a design that features elements that work well with something as simple as a cactus. A desert landscape seems like the perfect pick!