24 Magnificent Pinecone Tattoo Ideas To Celebrate Nature


A pinecone tattoo is the most beautiful way to represent your love for nature, autumn, and the forest. It’s a symbol of human enlightenment and eternal life, so getting this inked on your skin will forever be a reminder of those mystical things.

I believe that this tattoo would suit anyone. However, when you start searching for ideas you can get lost in the examples, so I have gathered some gorgeous ideas for you, to start thinking about your authentic design.

Full-color pinecone tattoo

Source: @sknapp_tattoos

There aren’t many colors that you can include in your pinecone tattoo, but you can definitely have a gorgeous design just with a couple of shades of brown. For example, this tattoo also has the green leaves surrounding it, and the shading of the pinecone makes it look extremely realistic.

Source: @andreagtattoos

This is a much simpler tattoo, there aren’t many details aside from the shading itself. However, there’s a blue background that creates the perfect color for a contrasting image.

Source: @ryanwiebusch_tattoo

Here you can see a pinecone tattoo where the artist chose to use much lighter colors. There are even yellow highlights, which add a lot of dimension to the whole image. However, here’s another way to add a pop of color with the red ink in the background.

Source: @nyx.stx

Smaller pinecone are definitely so much cuter. So, why not choose one to add to your collection of tattoos? There are still some branches and pine needles incorporated to remind you of the forest.

Source: @gloomtattoos

This pinecone tattoo is perfect for anyone who wants a more nature-oriented feeling in their tattoo. When you add a smaller pinecone next to the big one, it even gives it more personality. The small dots of black ink and the white highlights are giving this design a lot of depth.

Black and gray pinecone tattoo

Source: @rosaee

Sometimes, your best option is a simple black and gray design. I mean, you can still have all the needed details in your tattoo without adding any color to it. For example, this tattoo is very unique because you see the pinecone from a whole different perspective, but it’s still obvious what the image is supposed to represent.

Source: @mitchpleasance

This pinecone tattoo has quite a traditional feeling to it because of the thick lines and the pine needles surrounding it. All the shading is done with black ink, which means that it would be great for a patch-work sleeve.

Source: @amykegel_tattoos

If you don’t want to make a huge fuss about your pinecone tattoo, then you can simply choose a realistic design that’s done in black and gray ink. This tattoo is done perfectly, with the negative space really making it obvious how good the rest of the shading is done.

Source: @staydoomed

When you add your pinecone to a branch and pine needles, it really looks like an ode to nature. This may look like a simple tattoo at first glance, but it’s so much more than that, the details are immaculate.

Source: @3goblins

You can see that this is a much darker example. There’s a lot more shading going on here, which only means that the whole tattoo has much more depth.

Source: @bg.tattoos

There’s no one to tell you that you should only add things that definitely belong to the natural image. The leaves that have been added in this design in particular aren’t something that would be normally seen in this type of tattoo, but they are gorgeously done. The line-work is immaculate!

Source: @nsuwalski

Sometimes the best way to make your pinecone tattoo obvious is if you frame it. Geometrical shapes will always be in style, which is why adding this simple frame to your tattoo will make it look even better.

Source: @joelclementstattoo

This is probably the lightest you’ll be able to make your black and gray tattoo look. There isn’t much shading here, but the little bit that you can see is gorgeously done.

Source: @nickthetailor

If you want a realistic-looking pinecone tattoo, then this is the one for you. Just look at all those details! The shading, the highlights, the outlines, and even the pine needles. All of those things make it look like a photograph!

Source: @ipek_tattoos

Sometimes, you don’t have to do a huge tattoo just to make it look good. A tiny pinecone is more than enough to satisfy your urge and to remind of the beauties of nature.

Pinecone tattoos with animals

Source: @neuneu_centuryink

Animals are a necessary part of nature, and they’ll always be wonderful in tattoos. That’s why this little pinecone ornament with this tiny lizard is such an adorable choice for your next trip to the tattoo parlor.

Source: @sarahjadetattoos

You can make your tattoo as intricate as you please, especially when you consider how many options there are out there. These pinecones are surrounded by branches of blueberries, and the colorful bird is a wonderful addition.

Source: @dallasconte

If your love is still turned towards black and gray tattoos, there’s no reason to not get it done! Pinecone tattoos give you a variety of options. Here you can see a branch of a pine tree and a big bird, so nature will always be on your mind.

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Source: @albytattoos

If big birds aren’t your thing, then maybe a smaller one would make you happy? This tattoo doesn’t have any harsh outlines, but the shading is perfect. The line-work is so crisp and clean that it makes the entire design look extremely feminine.

Source: @merpied

An owl is such a majestic being that you should definitely consider it for your next tattoo. I mean, owls represent the hope that everyone needs to keep going in life. And once you combine that with the meaning of a pinecone tattoo, then you have the perfect design for your next ink.

Interesting pinecone tattoo ideas

Source: @otttis.jpg

Sometimes, the most interesting tattoos are the most simple ones. In this example, there aren’t many details, the shading is done with line-work, and it’s quite dark. However, this is such a unique approach to a pinecone tattoo that you may like for yourself.

Source: @caitlinjanicek

This is another example of how you can incorporate a frame into your pinecone tattoo. This is a unique design because of the way that it was executed! It’s so simple, but the frame is done in red ink, which is a great contrast to the rest of the tattoo. The pinecones are done with such intricate lines that they look amazing.

Source: @sailorholly

Are you someone who likes more gory things? When you look at a pinecone you don’t really think of incorporating a skull into the mix, but this is quite an interesting design to consider. The skull is merged with the pinecone, and there are even pine needles surrounding it.

Source: @kenknighttattoos

If your inspiration for this tattoo comes from nature itself, then you may want to incorporate mushrooms into your tattoo. Especially, if you’re someone who considers autumn to be their favorite season! This is such a gorgeous piece! Your pinecone tattoo could have so much more character with these simple details.