20 Top-Notch Lucky Horseshoe Tattoo Ideas For Good Fortune


As you probably already know, a lucky horseshoe tattoo is meant to symbolize good fortune and success. So if you believe in this talisman, that’s probably the reason why you’ve decided to get it inked in the first place.

Now, the real issue appears as you sit down to figure out the design you want to get. The more you keep looking, the harder it seems to make the right choice. That’s why we’ve narrowed it down to 20 top-notch ideas that may inspire you.

1. Small and simple

Credit: emma.tattoos

For start, we have something small and simple; a design that suits everyone because it’s not in-your-face. When it comes to this tattoo, you can easily place it anywhere you want and it’s going to look great either way.

2. Horseshoe and a rose

Credit: ames.tattoo

When you want to add that something-something to your tattoo, a good idea is to opt for a rose. This flower is a common element of many tattoos so you can be sure that you won’t go wrong with it.

3. Horseshoe with tribal elements

Credit: urbanytattoo

If you’re into tribal tattoos, you may look for an idea of how to combine tribal elements with a horseshoe. Even though it sounds impossible, we have a solution that may work for you.

4. Desert view

Credit: aneta_kwiecien_tattoo

What about a full desert scenery for real Western vibes? If a view like this brings you peace and calamity then the chances are that you’ll fall in love with this tattoo.

5. Traditional-style tattoo

Credit: sonnybrowntattoo

Vibrant, traditional-style tattoos are a perfect choice for all of you who aren’t afraid of colors. This design will stand out on your skin, and it’s going to impress even the harshest critics.

6. Traditional black and gray tattoo

Credit: micablancotattoos

Of course, you can opt for a traditional style tattoo and keep things neutral with black and gray ink. Don’t ignore this style immediately just because you aren’t a fan of colored tattoos as there’s always a solution.

7. Tiny dotwork

Credit: gratitudetattoos

We’re sure that you can’t get a tattoo smaller than this one. It’s a great choice for all of you who don’t feel ready to commit to a bigger piece.

8. Horseshoe and spider web

Credit: rhi.draws

If you have a feeling that luck hasn’t been on your side lately, this tattoo is a fun way to represent that. Who knows, maybe things will change from the moment you ink this cool piece.

9. Horseshoe with flowers

Credit: neitatts

Black and gray tattoos are what we like to call a safe zone. But, you can always spice them up with other elements such as these gorgeous flowers. This way, you turn your tattoo into something completely different.

10. Horseshoe with a quote

Credit: jordanna_pearl

Another great idea for changing up the traditional horseshoe tattoo is to get a quote next to it. Think of a saying that speaks to your heart and include it in your wanted design. Just like that, you get a unique tattoo that has a special meaning.

11. Sunset view

Credit: peonyworks_tattoo

This option is similar to the desert view, but it focuses on a different setting. If the seaside brings you luck, why not make it a part of your new tattoo? It’s such a fun idea!

12. Bold and vibrant

Credit: lilwesttex

If you aren’t afraid of colors, here’s one idea you may like. Just bear in mind that it’s going to be a real statement piece on your skin.

13. Adorable lucky horseshoe

Credit: cowgirlufo

This design is adorable! It’s so simple but somehow, it manages to steal the show without trouble. The added heart only makes it more irresistible. Just when you think that minimalistic tattoos can’t be stunning, this design proves you wrong.

14. A simple design

Credit: cosmic__sauce

While we’re on the topic of simple designs, this is another option for all of you who don’t feel ready to get a complicated and detailed tattoo. This is such a classic take on the lucky horseshoe tattoo but the great thing about it is that you still get the meaning you’re looking for.

15. Golden horseshoe

Credit: rachel_marion_

For a pop of color, you can always opt for a colored version of a horseshoe. In this case, a person wanted it to be golden but you can easily choose any shade you like and make it match your style perfectly.

16. Double the luck

Credit: melpractitioner

When you want to increase that chance of being lucky and successful, you don’t get a tattoo of a horseshoe. Instead, you opt for two of them. Who knows, maybe the Universe gets your message and sends you everything you’ve been waiting for.

17. Blackwork tattoo

Credit: melvinfl

Blackwork tattoos are bold in themselves since they rely only on black ink. That’s why they’re so special. Even if you assumed that a tattoo made out of black ink was supposed to be boring, we’re sure that this design changed your mind.

18. Detailed piece of art

Credit: jessicadaveridgetattoo

Some tattoos truly look like pieces of art and this one is definitely one of them. When you look at it, you get a feeling that you’re looking at a drawing of an artist. It’s definitely a great option for all of you who appreciate art and its beauty.

19. A touch of nature

Credit: olesia.m.tattoo

You can always add a touch of nature to your horseshoe tattoo by including some floral elements. We love the rustic feel of this design, but you can brighten it up with less black and gray if it seems too dark for you.

20. Horseshoe and clover

Credit: tanyatattoos

The same as the horseshoe, the clover is also a symbol of good luck and fortune. What better thing to do than to join these two pieces and turn them into a design that works well together? Fingers crossed that your luck changes for the better after getting this tattoo.