24 Radiant Roman Number Tattoos To Mark A Memorable Date


If you’re planning on permanently inking an important date on your body, you might be interested in getting a Roman number tattoo. Roman number tattoos are a great way to express a fun experience or a memory that’s been getting you through tough times for years.

Rather than getting a basic, boring tattoo of a word or a mantra, you can get a tattoo of a Roman number that means something to you. Whether you opt for the date of your anniversary, your children’s birthdays, or a lucky number (an angel number, maybe?), you truly can’t go wrong with a Roman number tattoo.

It’s also a super wearable and versatile tattoo because you can embellish it with an infinity sign or arrow ink, should you want to double up on trends. Whatever you decide to do, you can get away with whatever style or symbol you want to wear with your Roman number tattoo. Ink-spo ahead!

1. A simple Roman number tattoo

Credit: @___chaehwa___

Most people get a Roman number tattoo to commemorate an important date, an anniversary, or a birthday. Moreover, Roman numbers are always meaningful because they always signify something special to the wearer. With a simple Roman number on your arm, you can do the same.

2. A Roman number along the neckline

Credit: @uzutattoo

When choosing the right placement for your Roman number tattoo, consider a few tips and tricks. Make sure you’re opting for a placement that offers you plenty of space to work with, that ages well, and that allows you to conceal or reveal your tattoo depending on your personal preferences.

3. A Roman number on the upper arm

Credit: @dalgu_tattooer

4. A matching Roman number tattoo on the wrist

Credit: @littletattoolove

A matching tattoo with your bestie, your favorite family member, or the love of your life will always be a great way for you to celebrate the people you care about. A Roman number tattoo seems to be the perfect motif considering the fact that you probably have an important date in mind already!

5. A Roman number on the inside of the arm

Credit: @vinked_

6. A Roman number with a dove on the back

Credit: @tattoomercy

If you’re a fan of bigger, bolder tattoos, you might be interested in spicing things up with symbols and elements that mean something to you, too. A Roman number tattoo can be quite basic and boring, but you can make it your own with a flower, a butterfly, or a bird of your choice.

7. A Roman number on the finger

Credit: @fine.line.tattoos.melbourne

What about a Roman number on your finger? Finger tattoos are getting more and more popular because celebrities are promoting modern, minimalist designs and styles left and right. Finger tattoos might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they’re the perfect placement for words, letters, and numbers.

8. A hand-poked Roman number tattoo

Credit: @kellyneedles

What’s the tea on hand-poked tattoos? Hand-poked tattoos are made without the use of tattoo machines and that’s why they’re popular among tattoo-getters who want to create a deeper connection with their ink or up their aesthetic value. Would you consider getting a hand-poked Roman number tattoo?

9. A Roman number on the ankle

Credit: @errol25

Whether you’re new to the tattoo game or an old (but hip) tattoo-getter, you might want to get a Roman number tattoo on your ankle. Ankle tattoos are perfect because they’re small and simple, and they’re known to keep their shape when you get older – ankle skin doesn’t necessarily sag with age.

10. A Roman number on the forearm

Credit: @janmalabares

If you’re on the hunt for something a little more visible, though, you might be better off with a forearm tattoo. It’s clear that forearm tattoos are sought-after for a reason – they’re wearable and versatile, and they can be as bold or as delicate as you want them to be.

11. A matching Roman number tattoo on the finger

Credit: @tattoosbymaks

A matching Roman number tattoo on your finger? We’d argue that finger tattoos are perfect for besties who want to show off how obsessed they are with one another. Whether you opt for a bold blackwork tattoo or something delicate and dainty, don’t shy away from matching finger tattoos.

12. A Roman number above the knee

Credit: @_j.inkx

Who wouldn’t want a Roman number thigh tattoo? Thigh tattoos are convenient because they’re easy to conceal or reveal, depending on your personal preferences, and they’re customizable. With a thigh tattoo, you can experiment with different styles and symbols to amplify or completely change the meaning.

13. A Roman number on the arm

Credit: @inkredibletattoos

Arm tattoos are awesome, too! Whether you go for a sticker sleeve, a blackwork sleeve, or even a small and simple arm tattoo, you can work with your tattoo artist to come up with something that works with your aesthetic.

14. A fine-line Roman number tattoo with arrows

Credit: @katclarke_tattoo

Fine-line tattoos are all the rage these days, and for a good reason, too. With a fine-line tattoo, you get the thinnest, most intricate, and most interesting tattoo you’ve ever seen. Fine-line tattoos use small needles (oftentimes a single needle) to create the desired image, FYI.

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15. A Roman number tattoo with names

Credit: @jamessmithtattoo

Roman number tattoos typically represent a specific date you want to celebrate or remember. If you’re getting a tattoo of your anniversary date, your children’s birthdays, or your mother’s successful surgery date, you can add a name to your tattoo to make it more meaningful and personal.

16. A tiny Roman number tattoo

Credit: @vanillabrice1

A tiny tattoo anywhere on the body? We can’t think of a better way for a first-timer to experiment with getting inked. Whether you’re getting a tattoo for the first time or you’re simply scared of bigger, bolder tattoos, we suggest you opt for something subtle and sleek.

17. A matching Roman number tattoo on the arm

Credit: @matthewtran.tattoo

Getting a matching Roman number tattoo with your SO sounds like a great date idea! Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day or commemorating your love on your anniversary date, consider getting a matching Roman number arm tattoo.

18. A Roman number with an olive branch

Credit: @_swimmingtiger_

What do you think of adding a simple olive branch or a flower to your Roman number tattoo? If you’re a fan of more elaborate ink, you might be interested in embellishing your tattoo with symbols and elements that work well with the overall design.

19. A Roman number sternum tattoo

Credit: @cientattoo

A sternum tattoo might not be for everyone, but you can’t deny that there’s something awesome about going through all that effort and energy for the sake of showing off a special number. At the end of the day, sternum tattoos are tough and that’s why you need to think them through beforehand.

20. A Roman number behind-the-ear tattoo

Credit: @sivikgaizo

A behind-the-ear tattoo offers you the possibility to show it off or hide it under your hair, depending on the look you’re going for. And behind-the-ear tattoos are typically on the smaller side which means you can get tattooed on your lunch break. A win-win!

21. A Roman number on the chest

Credit: @jingstattoo

A Roman number tattoo on your chest screams “I want everyone to know what this date means to me!” And we think that’s awesome!

22. A Roman number along the spine

Credit: @joannatattoos

Spine tattoos are strikingly beautiful! When you’re struggling with picking the perfect placement for your Roman number tattoo, consider getting it inked along your spine.

23. A Roman number on the inner arm

Credit: @hstattoo29

What’s great about Roman number tattoos seems to be the fact that you can make them work with whatever placement you prefer. A Roman number on the inner arm sounds like a no-brainer, doesn’t it?

24. A Roman number above the elbow

Credit: @defy.minimal

What about a Roman number above the elbow? Whenever you get a tattoo above the elbow, know that you have the freedom to make it as big and bold or as small and simple as you wish. We suggest you “go big or go home,” but the final decision is up to you.