20 Gorgeous Strawberry Tattoo Ideas For A Berrylicious Ink


Strawberries are probably the first fruit that comes to your mind when you think of summer. They’re juicy, sweet, and delicious but is that the reason enough to get a strawberry tattoo? We totally believe it is!

Sometimes, you want to get something inked onto your skin because you love the meaning behind it. Other times, you simply love the design and that’s completely fine. That’s why tattoos are great. They allow you to express yourself through different symbols and elements that make you happy.

Now, if you’re into symbolic tattoos, then you should also know that strawberries represent passion and romance due to their bright red color. Maybe that’s a reason good enough why you should get out of your comfort zone and opt for a tattoo that’s a bit unusual choice for you.

When it comes to choosing a design for your new ink, there are all these routes you can take. From simple designs that never go out of style to colorful and bold options that will totally get noticed, you can choose whatever makes you happy.

We’re thrilled to present you with some of the ideas we love. It would be our honor if you end up choosing one of them.

1. Traditional strawberry tattoo

Credit: rosalyn_tattooer

This adorable design could rest on your skin forever if you’re a fan of traditional-style tattoos. We love all the pink hues and neat lines that make this tattoo look perfect.

2. Black and gray strawberry

Credit: skylersager

Black and gray style may seem like an odd choice for a strawberry tattoo. But thanks to the stipple shading and added highlights, you’ll love the end result.

3. Fine-line strawberry

Credit: tiratinta_tattoo

Simple designs such as this one never go out of style. They’re always a good choice, especially if you’re looking for a smaller tattoo. Now, the real question is whether this is your cup of tea.

4. Delicious-looking strawberry

Credit: _rony_tattoo

This strawberry tattoo looks too good to be true. It genuinely feels like a real strawberry glued onto your skin. You just want to bite into it and enjoy its sweetness.

5. Matching strawberries

Credit: phoebetattoos

Since some consider strawberries to be symbols of love, you can choose to get a matching strawberry tattoo with someone close to your heart. It could be your best friend, an important family member, or your partner. Just make sure they’re up for the challenge.

6. Bee and strawberry

Credit: lily_heather_tattoo

This is another take on a realistic strawberry tattoo. We love the added bee that’s sucking the juice out of the strawberry. This fruit is so delicious that not even bees can resist it.

7. Strawberry plant

Credit: okidtattoo

Are you into botanical tattoos? If you’re inspired by nature and everything it has to offer, then you’re going to love this design. It’s detailed, colorful, and perfectly executed. Honestly, there’s nothing you won’t love about this tattoo.

8. Heart-shaped strawberry

Credit: alyssajadetattoo

This heart-shaped strawberry is proof of how much you can achieve with black ink. We love all the tiny details on this design since they give life to this pretty tattoo.

9. Inspired by nature

Credit: jessrosejones

Butterflies are one of those elements that have become a staple in the tattoo world. They make everything better and this tattoo shows that. This is such a simple design but at the same it, it looks beautiful.

10. Half a strawberry

Credit: hongzo_tt

We’re sure that this tattoo answers why strawberries are the best fruit in the world. We love the combination of red and white since you get a feeling that you’re looking at a real strawberry.

11. Illustration tattoo

Credit: cursetatts

This illustration of a strawberry is a take on the usual fine-line design. It goes to show that you can always switch things up and turn even the most basic idea into something more.

12. Strawberry outline

Credit: arizzila

Getting an outline of the symbol of your choice is always a good option. When you want to spice things up, you can always replace the black ink with the colors that match the item you’re looking to tattoo. In this case, those are red and green.

13. Valentine-inspired strawberry

Credit: caseymarietattoo

You can celebrate the importance of love every day with this Valentine-inspired strawberry. The heart pattern inside the fruit makes this design extra romantic.

14. A combination of different methods

Credit: kaiaelise

This tattoo combines the dot work with your regular fine-line style and adds some contrast through the usage of black and red ink. In the end, you’re left with a unique design that looks different from everything you’ve seen.

15. A real piece of art

Credit: mbakertattoo

This tattoo reminds us of the mandala-style designs. With all these different symmetrical strawberries that vary in size, we’re sure you’ll understand why we feel like it’s an unusual take on a mandala tattoo.

16. Cartoon-style strawberry

Credit: skurczybyki_tattoo

Do you love to have fun with your tattoos? Are you looking for something quirky and completely different from the regular options people go for? Maybe this is the answer to your prayers – an adorable strawberry that looks like a cartoon character.

17. Strawberry eye

Credit: clrsplsh.tattoo

If you’re into whimsical tattoos, then this could be something that will satisfy your thirst for different and unusual. We love the bright colors, tiny details, and clean and sharp lines that bring everything together.

18. Realistic strawberry

Credit: leehumphs_tattoo

This strawberry branch looks so real that you want to pick its fruits and enjoy their sweet taste. We’re huge fans of realistic tattoos since they show the skill of your tattoo artist.

19. Strawberry girl

Credit: curlyqweenie

This strawberry girl is a great way to incorporate a fine-line sketch of a woman into your design. The red pop of color on the strawberry ties perfectly with the color of the blush and lipstick.

20. Strawberry stamp

Credit: kinka_ink

Last but not least, we have a more toned-down design, perfect for all of you who prefer to keep your tattoos simple. This strawberry stamp is exactly what you need when you wish to combine your love for strawberries with your love for minimalistic tattoos.