25 Popular Pink Tattoos To Keep Barbiecore Alive Forever


Black and gray tattoos are classic, timeless, and effortless, but you might be getting bored of living in a world with no color. Whether you’re affected by the neverending Barbie euphoria or thinking of devoting your first tattoo to your biggest inspiration Elle Woods, you might be in the market for a pink tattoo.

What’s the tea on pink tats? Whatever style you decide to go with, know that colored tattoos require different care than black and gray tattoos. Colored tattoos are awesome, but they’re generally known to fade faster, require touch-ups down the line, and cost a little more. With that out of the way, check out some of the most popular pink tattoos on Instagram!

1. A Barbie tattoo on the arm

Credit: @senart.ink

Whenever we think of pink tattoos, we think of Barbie. While the initial obsession with Margo Robbie’s rendition of everyone’s favorite plastic doll has subsided, you might want to keep Barbiecore alive with a pink tattoo of the Barbie logo.

2. A pink spider tattoo

Credit: @amelieseipler

What about a pink spider tattoo? Spiders are scary, but some cultures believe that spiders weave the web of fate and are protectors, guardians against evil spirits, and talismans for protection. With a pink tattoo of a spider on your arm, you don’t need to worry about a thing.

3. A pink rose tattoo on the wrist

Credit: @yungpentagrams

Whenever you’re on the lookout for the perfect pink tattoo, you’re probably going to stumble upon a myriad of flower tattoos. Between roses, lilies, and peonies, we’re sure you’re going to find a pink tattoo you absolutely love. A pink rose, for example, represents grace, joy, sweetness, gentleness, and admiration.

4. A linework pink tattoo

Credit: @yungpentagrams

If realistic tattoos aren’t you’re thing, you might be interested in getting a linework tattoo. Linework tattoos are (you guessed it) tattoos made only with lines and a lining needle. Linework tattoos are modern and minimalist, and they’re even more intricate and interesting when they’re done in pink ink.  

5. A pink peony tattoo on the shoulder

Credit: @mo.no.tattoo

A pink peony tattoo represents wealth and prosperity. Whether you’re trying to manifest success or remind yourself of what you’re capable of achieving on your own, a pink peony tattoo might be the right choice for you.

6. A cherry blossom tattoo on the ribcage

Credit: @mo.no.tattoo

Cherry blossom tattoos have been around for a while, and they’re one of the most popular floral tattoos out there for a reason. Cherry blossom tattoos represent a celebration of life, new beginnings, and new challenges. With a cherry blossom tattoo, you’ll be reminded to cherish every moment of your life.

7. A pink bow tattoo on the shoulder

Credit: @tattooist_yeonnie

If you’re looking for something sweet and simple, opt for a pink bow tattoo. It’s a great way for you to embellish your body without committing to a bigger piece, especially if you’re experimenting with different colors of ink.

8. A pink band-aid tattoo

Credit: @tattooist_yeonnie

We can say the same thing about a pink band-aid tattoo! Band-aid tattoos are lovely and lighthearted, but they’re known to represent the struggles you go through every single day and the effort you put in to patch up your wounds and move on.

9. A pink heart monster tattoo

Credit: @siihee.tattoo

If you want to get a pink tattoo but haven’t set your heart on a style or a symbol, we suggest opting for a cute, cuddly pink monster! It doesn’t necessarily mean anything, but it’s one of the sweetest, simplest tattoo designs you’ll ever get.

10. A pink philodendron tattoo

Credit: @z_lasu_tattoo

If you’re a plant lady, you might want to commemorate your love of all things greenery with a philodendron tattoo – in pink ink. Pink philodendrons are some of the most strikingly beautiful plants out there, and that’s why they make for perfect tattoo motifs.

11. A Barbie quote tattoo

Credit: @ghoulishtats

We’re not done with Barbie yet! Whenever you’re stuck trying to think of a funny tattoo that represents who you are, you can turn to Barbie. You’d be surprised at how many awesome quotes you can take and make your own with a simple vision and a good tattoo artist.

12. A pink snake and rose tattoo

Credit: @ghoulishtats

Snake and rose tattoos have been around for quite a while, but we’re pretty positive you’ve never seen a pink rendition of the popular tattoo motif. Snake and rose tattoos typically represent the dangers of falling in love with the wrong person, but the final interpretation of the tattoo is up to you.

13. A pink flamingo tattoo

Credit: @sami.inks

Pink tattoos are soft and subtle, but they’re a great way to show your love for a family member, a partner, or even a BFF. If you want to get a tattoo that represents you and your children, you can opt for a tattoo of a pink flamingo embracing two younger pink flamingos. It’s cute!

14. A pink toilet tattoo

Credit: @super_spanko

Why not have fun with your tattoos? If you’re looking for a pink tattoo that doesn’t carry some special meaning, you can always opt for a pink toilet tattoo and make everyone around you cry with laughter!

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15. A “girl power” tattoo

Credit: @kaisentattoostudio

If you want to celebrate your womanhood, you can opt for a “girl power” tattoo. It’s an excellent way for you to show everyone where you stand and what your priorities are.

16. A pink jellyfish tattoo

Credit: @o.ri_tattoo

What about a pink jellyfish tattoo? What’s great about pink tattoos seems to be the fact that you can make *any* tattoo motif pink. If you want a pink jellyfish, you can get one. If you want a pink bear, you can get one. You do you, boo.

17. A pink butterfly tattoo

Credit: @tattooist_yeonnie

With a pink butterfly on the back of your arm, there’s nothing you can’t do! Whether you opt for a single butterfly or an entire sleeve of butterflies, hearts, and sparkles, chances are you’ll have a smile on your face every time you catch a glimpse of your tattoo in the mirror.

18. A Cybersigilism pink tattoo

Credit: @bammvy

Cybersigilism tattoos are making a comeback thanks to the Y2K trends that have been popular among the younger generations. A Cybersigilism butterfly tattoo done in pink ink will make you feel like the main character in your favorite coming-of-age movie!

19. A pink Android tattoo

Credit: @bammvy

A pink Android tattoo falls under the same category! Whether you’re getting your first tattoo ever or thinking of adding another technology-inspired ink to your growing collection, you can’t go wrong with a pink tattoo.

20. A pink star tattoo on the wrist

Credit: @livluvstab

If you’re looking for gorgeous, girly tattoos, look no more. Whether you opt for a pink bow, a pink star, or a pink bracelet tattoo, you can work with your tattoo artist and come up with a design that works wonderfully with your aesthetic.

21. A pink heart-eyes tattoo

Credit: @mybloodybarbi

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and you’re unsure of what to do on that day? Whether you’re single or taken, you can always book a session with your favorite tattoo artist and get a tattoo of pink heart eyes to represent the love you feel for yourself or your significant other.

22. A Hello Kitty tattoo

Credit: @beccastattoos

We can’t forget about Hello Kitty! If you’re a fan of pink ink tattoos, you need to get a Hello Kitty tattoo somewhere on your body. It’s cute, trendy, and a great conversation starter!

23. A pink sticker sleeve

Credit: @kyuhn.e

Sticker sleeves are becoming more and more popular, and we suggest you make it your own by opting for pink ink. Whichever tattoo motifs, symbols, and styles you decide to go with, you can work on your sticker sleeve for months (and years) to come.

24. A cherry blossom tattoo on the shoulder

Credit: @ozge.ink

A single cherry blossom flower on the shoulder might not look like much, but it’s the simplest, most subtle tattoo you’ll ever going to get. If you’re a fan of delicate, dainty tattoos, this one is made for you!

25. A pink moth tattoo

Credit: @kjut.ink

Moths and butterflies represent similar things, but you might be more of a moth girl! Moths represent transformation, change, and hope that even in the darkest times we can find our way back into the light. Moths for the win!