20 Inner Bicep Tattoos For Men To Enhance Their Masculinity


The inner bicep is a great tattoo spot for men since it shows just how brave you are. And the best thing about it is that you’ll have to flex your arm muscles every time you want to show someone the design that’s hiding on the inner part of your arm.

Jokes aside, this area is a perfect choice for all of you who are looking for a tattoo that can easily be covered. Maybe your work-policy states that you should have no visible tattoos which is exactly why your inner bicep is a great spot.

Even if you’re wearing a short-sleeve shirt, your tattoo won’t be visible, especially if you opt for a smaller design. So, you’ll be able to keep your job and fulfill your dream of having a tattoo. We call that a win-win situation!

No matter the reason why you chose this exact spot on your body, we support you in your decision and want to make the whole process a bit easier. Choosing a design for a tattoo can be a hard task, especially when you go online to look for inspiration. The more ideas you see, the harder it feels to make a decision.

That’s why we’ve narrowed it down to 20 options we love. Hopefully, you’ll find something for yourself.

1. Mandala tattoo

Credit: mollypaigetattoos

Mandala tattoos look amazing, no matter where you place them. A great thing about getting one on your inner bicep is that you can easily let it wrap around this part of your arm. Or, you can keep it on the inside of the arm; it’s really up to you.

2. Dragon tattoo

Credit: elizabethftattoos

Dragons represent wisdom, freedom, and strength so you’ll be proud to wear a symbol such as this one on your arm. We particularly love the details on this design since they add to the complexity of it.

3. Black and gray tattoo

Credit: markedbymorellitattoos

As a symbol of freedom, birds have been a common motif on tattoos. Everyone loves them and a great thing about them is that you can easily adjust them so they fit your style. For example, this one is done in a black and gray style but you can easily make it neo-traditional if that’s what you prefer.

4. Eagle tattoo

Credit: rysaatattoo

The eagle is a symbol of power which makes it perfect for your inner bicep tattoo. We adore this abstract version of it and the added pop of color in the eyes.

5. Cross tattoo

Credit: emmabundonis_tattoo

If you’re a religious person who’s also a fan of geometrical tattoos, then you’ll love this one. Even though it’s not huge, it’s still filled with all the intricate details that make it one of a kind.

6. Snake and dagger

Credit: elizabethftattoos

A snake and a dagger are two elements that combine well together. They represent courage and determination and could be a great choice for your next tattoo. Of course, if this is the meaning you’re looking for.

7. Date and name tattoo

Credit: chrissiewaltontattoos

The inner bicep is a perfect spot for meaningful tattoos such as this one. You can always choose to ink someone’s date of birth and name onto your body to represent how much that person means to you.

8. Rattlesnake tattoo

Credit: _vinz_

If you like the idea of having a snake on your body but don’t want to combine it with other elements, then this is how you can make it work. A black and gray style is particularly good for snakes because it allows the artist to convey all of the details of a snake’s body.

9. Sketch tattoo

Credit: billythekidtattoo

Of course, you can always choose to keep things fun and simple with a cheeky tattoo such as this one. If you like sketch-style tattoos and don’t want to engrave something serious and complicated onto your body then this is the way to go.

10. Sailor woman

Credit: thedansal

Even though it seems that the inner bicep doesn’t offer enough space for bigger designs, believe it or not, you can still fit a portrait on it. The picture above shows how perfectly it can be achieved.

11. Fish tattoo

Credit: gunslingertattooco

A fish carries a ton of positive meanings so it’s no surprise that so many people opt for this motif. We love the design of this one since it’s not your ordinary choice and involves a ton of little details that make it unique.

12. Geometrical tattoo

Credit: juhikaran

Geometrical tattoos always look cool, especially when you combine them with some other natural elements such as the mountain in this case. We love how well they work together, giving you a design that you’ll fall in love with.

13. Mountain tattoo

Credit: inkbymadeleine

When you want to include mountains in your design but also wish to add some color to it, this is the way to go. It’s a simple tattoo with a pop of color.

14. Swallows tattoo

Credit: vik_b_tattooer

Throughout history, swallows have been symbols of good luck for the sailors. So, if you’re into nautical tattoos then this is definitely a cool choice.

15. Moth tattoo

Credit: scorpionstingstudio

Moths represent change and transformation which is a beautiful meaning for your new tattoo. Also, we love the fact that this design uses the black and gray style but you can change it up and add some color if you prefer to.

16. Lettering tattoo

Credit: aaronkia_tattoo

Your inner bicep is a perfect spot for a quote or a saying. It has just enough space for single or multiple-raw sentences. And the best thing about it is that you can use any font you like.

17. Face evolution tattoo

Credit: santana_tattoos

If you’re looking for a bit more complex design with a ton of details and shading, then here’s an idea for you. This design combines all the different elements and creates a piece of art with them.

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18. Octopus tattoo

Credit: rachaelhelentattoo

An octopus is a symbol of resilience so it’s definitely a cool choice for a tattoo. A great thing about it is that you can play with its size and make it wrap around your arm completely or just stick within the inner part of the bicep.

19. Flying quetzal

Credit: estellep_ink

When you’re looking for a bird tattoo but want to opt for the colorful one, choose quetzal. You can play with the shades and make this design as vibrant as you want.

20. Abstract tattoo

Credit: erinblaney_tattoo

Last but not least, we have a simple abstract design for all of the lovers of different and unique. It’s a blackwork tattoo that uses organic lines to achieve shape. It’s definitely a great choice for all of you who prefer edgier tattoos.