22 DNA Tattoos That Are More Than Just A Body Ink Trend


Getting a matching tattoo with your favorite family member or dedicating a piece of ink to a lost loved one isn’t a new concept, but you might be interested in a more intricate way of honoring your family and what makes you, well, you. Get a DNA tattoo and show everyone what you’re made of.

DNA tattoos have been around for quite a while, but they’re getting more and more popular these days. Whether you’re thinking of getting a small, dainty design or symbolic body art etched on the likes of Hollywood’s elite, you can’t go wrong with a DNA tattoo.

What do these types of tattoos represent, though? DNA tattoos can carry a myriad of meanings, but they’re typically seen as symbols of life, the unexplored and unseen parts of yourself, and all the awesome little things that happen within your body that make you who you are. Ink inspiration ahead!

1. A simple DNA tattoo

Credit: @sil_tattoo

A small and simple DNA tattoo can go a long way. Whether you’re getting a tattoo for the first time ever or you’re an experienced body art enthusiast, you’re going to appreciate the simplicity of a smaller work of art that doesn’t require too much time or energy.

2. A Tree of Life DNA tattoo

Credit: @celsus_tattoo

DNA tattoos represent life, there’s no question about that. Depending on your personal preferences, you might want to play with other tattoo motifs that represent life, too. A Tree of Life represents growth, strength, and stability. 

3. A DNA sketch tattoo

Credit: @helenavelazquez

What about a DNA sketch tattoo? If you want to stand out from the rest of the crowd, opt for the trendy, “unfinished” tattoo look everybody loves. If broken lines, visible brush strokes, and ink splatters are your thing, don’t shy away from experimenting with sketch tattoos.

4. Another Tree of Life DNA tattoo

Credit: @darkcrystal_art

We’ve got another Tree of Life tattoo coming your way! After all, Tree of Life tattoos are big, bold, and beautiful, and they’re a great way to explore different styles and symbols that might go well with your vibe.

5. A fine-line DNA tattoo

Credit: @bryan.gee

We can’t forget about fine-line tattoos! When you’re adamant about staying on top of tattoo trends, you need to get a fine-line tattoo. Fine-line tattoos are thinner, more intricate, and more interesting than “regular” tattoos and that’s why they’re on top of everyone’s wishlists.

6. A DNA strand with planets

Credit: @ashkanaliyari

Planet-themed tattoos also hold a multitude of meanings, and they’re a perfect match with DNA tattoos. Planets, for example, rule over different parts of our psyche such as communication, relationships, and ambition, and that’s why they’re a great addition to your DNA tattoo.

7. A DNA strand with a skeleton

Credit: @88_07_14_tattoo

When you decide to bite the bullet and get a DNA tattoo, who’s to say you can’t go all out? While small and simple tattoos are almost always a great idea, you might be more interested in attracting attention with your bright and bold tattoo. Adding a skeleton to your DNA strand will do that for you!

8. A DNA strand with leaves

Credit: @dawyeed_tattoo

What about a couple of leaves to make your DNA tattoo softer and more subtle?

If you’re a fan of fine-line tattoos, you might want to play with different elements that make them even more appealing to the eye. It’s clear that the leaves don’t add a lot to the meaning of the tattoo, but they do add to the appearance.

9. A microchip DNA tattoo

Credit: @lovaynaink

If you’re looking to make a political statement or comment on the current state of society, you might be interested in a microchip DNA tattoo! It’s pretty clear what you’re trying to say and you’re guaranteed to raise a question or two when you show up at work rocking your new ink.

10. A DNA strand with flowers

Credit: @topcat.studio

If you’re a fan of flowers, you can add them to your DNA tattoo, too. Whether you opt for your birth flowers or random flowers that mean something to you, you’re going to create a work of art that looks good and feels even better.

11. A melting DNA tattoo

Credit: @temptink_tattoo_studio

Why not get creative with your DNA tattoo? Work with your tattoo artist and come up with a design you’ve never seen before. Whether it’s a melting tattoo, a chrome tattoo, or even a tattoo embellished with odd symbols and shapes, make sure you make your tattoo more intriguing.

12. A DNA strand with a snake

Credit: @daniel.nabil_ink

Snakes are a surprisingly common tattoo motif. Snakes typically represent a personal path toward transformation, a commitment to knowledge or healing, or a connection to divine power. With that in mind, snakes can also conform to the contours of the human body.

13. A tiny DNA ankle tattoo

Credit: @tutu_head

What about a tiny DNA ankle tattoo? Ankle tattoos are perfect for first-timers and old-timers alike, and they’re great for people who worry about their tattoos losing shape and sagging with time. Ankles aren’t necessarily known to get droopy with old age.

14. A DNA strand with piano keys

Credit: @dn_alves

Are you a musician? At the end of the day, you can make your DNA strand even more in tune with who you are and what you represent by adding another element to the final design. And piano keys are a perfect addition to a DNA tattoo if you’re a musician.

15. A DNA tattoo on the shoulder

Credit: @roxbury_tattoos

Tattoo placement can make or break your tattoo, that’s for sure. When picking the perfect placement for your DNA tattoo, make sure you opt for one that offers you plenty of real estate to work with. A shoulder tattoo is perfect because it allows you to go big or small, depending on what you want.

16. A DNA strand with fingerprints

Credit: @maca.tatua

A DNA tattoo with fingerprints? Absolutely! We can’t think of a better way to make your tattoo even more tailored to your liking than with your fingerprints. With that in mind, though, you can play with the meaning of the tattoo by adding your SO’s fingerprints, or even your children’s.

17. A DNA transcription tattoo

Credit: @_mfox

If you’re a genius, you might want to make your DNA tattoo a little more “true to life.” A DNA transcription tattoo might not make much sense to us mere mortals, but it’s probably going to make a lot more sense to you and your friends.

18. A matching DNA tattoo

Credit: @ayaygee_ink

What a great way to celebrate your friendship or relationship! When you’re unsure of how to pay homage to someone you care about deeply, consider getting a matching DNA tattoo. Needless to say, you can make the tattoos more tailored to your liking by adding elements that represent who you are.

19. A watercolor DNA tattoo

Credit: @michal_y

What about a watercolor DNA tattoo? Watercolor tattoos are super sweet because they’re made to resemble *actual* watercolor paintings. With a work of art on your arm or leg, you’re going to feel like a million dollars.

20. A DNA sticker sleeve

Credit: @sibei__

Sticker sleeves are becoming more and more trendy and you might want to start one – with a DNA tattoo. What’s great about sticker sleeves seems to be the fact that you can work on collecting smaller, simpler tattoos over a period of time rather than getting a big one at once.

21. A DNA ribcage tattoo

Credit: @gali_tatts

With a ribcage tattoo, you can pay homage to your family without anyone knowing about it. Ribcage tattoos might not be for the faint of heart, but they’re certainly for those of you who aren’t rushing to show everyone your newest ink.

22. A small DNA tattoo

Credit: @india.tattooartist

We started small and we’re ending small with this tiny DNA tattoo! When you’re unsure of the style you want to go with, opt for a smaller tattoo. A small DNA tattoo carries the same meaning and significance as the big one, but it’s a lot easier and quicker to do.