20 Monkey Tattoo Ideas For A Playful Statement


Life is too short to opt for boring body art so why not have fun with it? When you’re looking for inspiration for your next ink, don’t forget all the possibilities that the animal world has to offer. What about a monkey tattoo? Would you be willing to engrave this cheeky creature onto your skin?

If you’ve ever been to the zoo or found yourself in close proximity to a monkey, you know just how fun these animals can be. Even in movies or cartoons, they’re often portrayed as pranksters. And, as a person with a youthful spirit, you may appreciate inking an animal like that on your body.

Monkeys are often seen as symbols of intelligence and wit which doesn’t surprise us at all. They also symbolize fun, playfulness, and adventure.

Getting a tattoo of a monkey could signify just how relaxed, creative, and innovative you are. All of these are positive adjectives that we would love to be described with.

So, if you’re willing to have fun with your tattoos and don’t mind having a cheeky monkey on your body for the rest of your life, then keep on scrolling. We’re about to give you many fun ideas that may serve as inspiration for your next visit to a tattoo shop.

1. Realistic monkey

Credit: svenja.lee.tattoo

Just because you’re looking for a fun tattoo, it doesn’t mean that it can’t look real. This realistic design goes to show just how much you can achieve when you find a skilled tattoo artist.

2. Silhouette of a monkey

Credit: amada.tattoo

Fine-line tattoos will always look classy and spotless which is why so many people decide to go for these. This outline of a monkey is a great way to get a fun tattoo without sacrificing your style preference.

3. Monkey family

Credit: lefreak_tattoo

Monkeys are known to form strong social bonds which makes them a great option when you’re looking to get a tattoo that will remind you of your family or those who feel like family. This design is a unique way to honor those who mean the most to you.

4. Happy monkey

Credit: jamesrossitattoos

If you’re looking for a tattoo that will cheer you up and keep on reminding you just how important it is to always stay positive in life, this is the way to go. We love how fun and playful this design feels.

5. Funky monkeys

Credit: inkrediblestudio

This is another fine-line tattoo but with a touch of quirkiness. It’s definitely a funky choice, perfect for all of you who are not afraid to experiment with your tats.

6. Monkey the boss

Credit: paperboy_tattoo

This black and gray tattoo portrays a monkey who acts like a real boss. It can definitely have a satirical meaning so if that’s something that interests you, then you may consider a design such as this one.

7. Adorable monkey

Credit: federi.cat

Sometimes, you don’t wish for a tattoo with a deeper meaning. You just want something cute that’s going to steal the attention. We’re sure that this design ticks all the boxes.

8. Monkey sketch

Credit: kajsarts

This realistic sketch of a monkey’s head is a great way to get a meaningful tattoo that you’re looking for without having to opt for a bigger size. Smaller designs such as this one can fit anywhere and they can be easily covered (if that’s something that bothers you).

9. Monkey art

Credit: katia.zuela

This tattoo looks like a true piece of art. So, if you’re willing to turn your body into canvas then this is the option you won’t regret.

10. Blackwork tattoo

Credit: julian_zdobiciel

Blackwork tattoos use only black ink and they stay away from diluted shading and gray hues. If you’re a fan of that specific tattoo style then you’ll love this design. It’s fun to see just how much you can achieve with only one shade of ink.

11. Neo-traditional monkey

Credit: amyorchard_tattoos

Neo-traditional tattoos love to portray animals and a great thing about them is that you’re always going to be impressed by the end results. This design of a monkey is just an example of what you could get to wear on your skin.

12. Heartbroken monkey

Credit: jvckbarrow

Monkeys may seem aloof but it doesn’t mean that you can’t break their heart. We love the idea behind this tattoo and think it’s a great choice for every person out there who’s been described as emotionless Only you know how much you care!

13. Monkey and flowers

Credit: comme.des.dessins

If you want to make your monkey tattoo a bit more artistic, adding some floral elements is the best way to do it. They will add to the complexity of the whole piece and will allow you to make it more personal.

14. A cool monkey

Credit: saramoniz_tattoos

This tattoo is the epitome of fun and will make everyone ask you questions about it. It’s definitely a cheeky choice that will show just how easygoing you are.

15. Little monkey

Credit: lindlili

This abstract little monkey is another creative idea that’s a bit different. It’s a perfect choice for all of you who prefer smaller tattoos.

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16. Traditional-style monkey

Credit: oldiscool_tattoo

Do you prefer tattoos that actually look like tattoos? Then this traditional-style monkey could be your cup of tea.

17. Monkey snorkeller

Credit: buhonegrotattoo

Fine-line tattoos may be simple but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. This adorable design is fun and mischievous and will perfectly convey the meaning you’re looking for.

18. Cuddling monkeys

Credit: honeybuko

This tattoo is specific due to the stippling effect and tiny, fine lines that are used to create the shapes of the monkeys. In the end, you get a unique tattoo thanks to these interesting methods.

19. Funny monkeys

Credit: kickkie.tt

When you’re looking for a fun tattoo and nothing more than that, you won’t be able to say no to this design. It’s a cheeky choice but it will definitely make a statement.

20. Simple monkey

Credit: bear_submongkol

Last but not least, we wanted to give you something really simple and this head of a monkey seems like a perfect choice. We love the combination of different lines that all together create a unique design.