Snake And Eagle Tattoo Meaning With 20 Popular Options


A snake and eagle tattoo is a popular choice among tattoo enthusiasts mostly due to its meaning. These two animals are enemies to each other since a snake is a symbol of temptation while an eagle is a symbol of wisdom. Putting them together creates a well-known battle that we all face from time to time.

These tattoos are often done in a traditional or realistic style and they’re usually bigger in size. That makes total sense since you want to portray every little detail that these two animals have to offer. However, the size of the tattoo is often what scares people away.

If you’re into the idea of getting a snake and eagle tattoo but first want to see how it’s going to look on your skin, we’ve gathered some popular design ideas that may help you get the picture. Let’s start right away.

Snake and eagle tattoos perfect for your chest

Credit: gaemeeman

Your chest is a great spot for a tattoo such as this one since it offers plenty of space. That way, your design can stand out in its full glory. If you’re ready for this big piece of art then this fine-line option is something you should consider.

Credit: eka_tattoo_bkk

This is more of a traditional-style tattoo that plays with thicker lines. From its details to the sharpness of the lines, everything is done perfectly.

Credit: james_tattooer

Here we have another traditional-style tattoo but what sets it apart are the red details. They allow the whole design to feel more impressive and noticeable.

Credit: rudietattoo

Okay, we’ve warned you from the start that there will be a lot of traditional-style tattoos. This one is different from the others since it includes flowers which are common elements in this tattoo style.

Credit: robbtatz

If you’re looking for a bit more color, then this tattoo could be exactly what you need. It’s big, bold, and impressive so just bear that in mind if it’s your first tattoo or if you don’t feel ready to commit to such a huge piece.


We like this idea because it’s a bit different from everything you’re used to seeing when it comes to this specific design. In this case, the eagle and the snake aren’t in the middle of the battle. Instead, they’re separated, waiting for the moment their fight starts.

Credit: josh_stew_art

This is another version of your wanted tattoo that includes colors. It’s just that this time, they’re a bit more muted which is a perfect choice if you want to keep things subtle but colorful.

Credit: bambiink_tattoo

This design shows you how you can opt for a smaller version of a snake and eagle tattoo and keep it on one side of your chest. If you’re afraid to commit to a full-chest piece, this is your solution.

Snake and eagle tattoos you can put on your back

Credit: htownink

The best thing about your back is the possibility to go big or go home. It’s like you have a blank canvas and you can fill it with anything you want. The first idea is this colorful tattoo that will steal the show once you take off your shirt at the beach.

Credit: beufahtattoo

If you’re into fine-line designs, this is an idea that will work for you. Just because snake and eagle tattoos are usually done in a traditional style, it doesn’t mean that you can’t adjust them so they fit your aesthetic.

Credit: sarahschortattoo

If you’re more into black and gray tattoos, we have a solution for you as well. This piece is a definite show-stopper but if you don’t feel comfortable with such a huge design, you can always ask your tattoo artist to adjust its size.

Snake and eagle tattoo for your rib area


Not many people choose to place their snake and eagle tattoos on their ribs, but honestly, we love the idea so much that we had to mention it. It’s just a matter of fact if you’re ready to take this step.

Snake and eagle tattoos suitable for your leg

Credit: francesco.caso_

The leg is a popular spot for these kinds of tattoos, so of course we had to mention some ideas that will fit just right onto this part of your body. If you’re feeling brave enough, you can commit to this colorful piece then.

Credit: breadloaf___

Or, if you’d like to keep things a bit more simple, this is the option for you. The popular black and gray tattoo style has never looked better, that’s for sure.


Are you a fan of realistic tattoos? If you’re obsessed with this style then you’re going to love this portrayal of a snake and an eagle. They truly look like they’ve been caught in the middle of the battle.

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Credit: brookeesutter

Again, we have an example of a traditional-style tattoo because we wanted to show you how it’s going to look on your leg. This one has been placed on the thigh, but if you want to, you can change the position to where you feel comfortable. It’s your tattoo and you can do whatever you want with it.

Snake and eagle tattoos made for your arm

Credit: lozzarachtattooer

This is another realistic tattoo but this time, it’s positioned on your arm. We love this design because it’s full of details and conveys the meaning you’re looking for perfectly.

Credit: kanenavasard

As you can already tell, the majority of the ideas we’ve given you so afr have been bigger in size. This is an exception and it’s perfect for all of you who aren’t the biggest fans of huge tattoos.

Credit: strokin_dark

This design is a combination of a realistic style together with some abstract elements. It’s definitely one of the coolest ideas we’ve seen as there’s something about it that screams unique.

Credit: 1010tattoo

There’s a chance that we’ve been talking your ears off with traditional-style tattoos but we just wanted to show you how they can look on different parts of your body. This technique is a popular choice for the motif you’re looking for which is why we couldn’t skip it, even if we wanted to. Anyways, this design plays with an added floral element which is something slightly different.